Anna-Katharina Hornidge is Professor of Development and Knowledge Sociology at the Leibniz-Institute of Tropical Marine Ecology (ZMT) [] and the University of Bremen. She holds a habilitation in Development research from Bonn University and a PhD in sociology from the Technical University of Berlin. As the former scientific coordinator and current executive board member of Crossroads Asia, she is particularly interested in the interaction-based communicative and discursive constructions of everyday realities in non-Western/non-Northern contexts. Additional research interests include the linkage between natural resources governance and sense-making in the Anthropocene, cultural and knowledge politics, as well as innovation development processes. Her regional expertise comprises Southeast and Central Asia. email:

Katja Mielke is a researcher at the Bonn International Center for Conversion (bicc) []. She holds a PhD in development research from Bonn University. As founding member of the research network Crossroads Asia, she engages in the debate on rethinking area studies and epistemic ordering. Her further research interests lie in the field of political sociology at the intersection of conflict and development research and include questions of norm transfer, social mobilization and conflict, inequality and social (im-)mobility, local governance (politics, power, legitimacy, and representation) in rural and urban contexts, social order, and non-institutionalised forms of power and of movements. Her regional expertise covers Russia, Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. email: