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Vol 5 (2015): Periphery A Periphery Becomes a Center? Shopping Malls as Symbols of Modernity in Iraqi Kurdistan Abstract   PDF
Schluwa Sama
Vol 6 (2016): The Rebel All that is Banned is Desired: ‘Rebel Documentaries’ and the Representation of Egyptian Revolutionaries Abstract   PDF
Ilka Eickhof
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Arab Higher Education and Research post–2011. An Interview with Sari Hanafi Abstract   PDF
Achim Rohde, Ines Braune
Vol 7 (2017): Culture Are the People Backward? Algerian Symbolic Analysts and the Culture of the Masses Abstract   PDF
Thomas Serres, Tristan Leperlier
Vol 6 (2016): The Rebel Bassem Chit and Revolutionary Socialism in Lebanon Abstract   PDF
Sune Haugbolle
Vol 6 (2016): The Rebel Blogging Bouazizi: The Role of Cyberactivists Before and After Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution Abstract   PDF
Matt Gordner
Vol 2 (2014): Middle Class Caught in the Middle? On the Middle Class and its Relevance in the Contemporary Middle East Details   PDF
Karolin Sengebusch, Ali Sonay
Vol 7 (2017): Culture Claiming Cultural Authenticity and Constitution-Making: National Identity in Postrevolutionary Tunisia Abstract
Holger Zapf
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Comparative Area Studies and Middle East Politics after the Arab Uprisings Abstract   PDF
André Bank
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Comparing What to What? Intersecting Methodological Issues in Comparative Area Studies and Transitional Justice Research Abstract   PDF
Anika Oettler
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Competing Visions of Area Studies in the Interwar Period: The School of Oriental Languages in Berlin Abstract   PDF
Larissa Schmid
Vol 7 (2017): Culture Concepts of Culture in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies Abstract   PDF
Pierre Hecker, Igor Johannsen
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Creating Futures for the Past in Southern Iraq: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract   PDF
Eleanor Robson
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Critical Area Studies Details   PDF
Ines Braune, Achim Rohde
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Crossroads Studies: From Spatial Containers to Studying the Mobile Abstract   PDF
Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Katja Mielke
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Cultural Heritage in the Gulf: Blight or Blessing? Abstract   PDF
Djamel Boussaa
Vol 6 (2016): The Rebel Daech rebelle et révolutionnaire: Narrations hybrides d’un groupe hors-la-loi Abstract   PDF
Thomas Richard
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Damage Assessment of Iraq’s Past: Archaeological Heritage Management on the Rania Plain, Iraqi Kurdistan Abstract   PDF
Tim Boaz Bruun Skuldbøl, Carlo Colantoni
Vol 1 (2013): The Intellectual Dawn of the Declared Dead? On the Intellectual and Other Reasons for Launching a New Journal on the Middle East Details   PDF
Yvonne Albers, Maike Neufend
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Dealing with the Past in the Present: How and Why? Details   PDF
Alexa Bartelmus, Giulia Francesca Grassi
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Economic Research on the Arab World and the Middle East – A Neglected Field of Study in Germany Abstract   PDF
Steffen Wippel
Vol 2 (2014): Middle Class Egyptian Crisis - a crisis of the Middle Class? Abstract
Daniele Cantini
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Frantz Fanon: The Empowerment of the Periphery Abstract   PDF
Rachid Ouaissa
Vol 7 (2017): Culture From Dissensus to Conviviality: The New Cultural Politics of Difference in Turkey Abstract   PDF
Oliver Kontny
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Governmentalities of Alevi Cultural Heritage: On Recognition, Surveillance and "Domesticated Diversity" in Contemporary Turkey Abstract   PDF
Benjamin Weineck
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