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Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage More than Movies: Cinema Petra in Amman During the Mandatory Period Abstract   PDF
Renate Dieterich
Najla Allani-Bouhoula, Ines Msadek
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Muhammad ʿAbd al-Malik al-Mutawakkil: A Political Biography Abstract   PDF
Jens Heibach
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Nabonidus, King of Babylon Abstract   PDF
Giulia Francesca Grassi
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Navigating the City Center: Young Street Hawkers in Algiers Abstract   PDF
Britta Elena Hecking
Vol 1 (2013): The Intellectual Nurturing Intellectuals in the Islamic Republic: The National Elites Foundation Abstract   PDF
Julie S. Leube
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Performing Immobility in Contemporary Palestinian Theatre Abstract   PDF
Irene Fernandez Ramos
Vol 2 (2014): Middle Class Pierre Bourdieu: Transformation Societies and the Middle Class Abstract   PDF
Eva Barlösius
Vol 1 (2013): The Intellectual Plugging into the Body of the Leviathan: Proposal for a New Sociology of Public Interventions Abstract   PDF
Gil Eyal
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Policing January 25: Protest, Tactics, and Territorial Control in Egypt's 2011 Uprising Abstract   PDF
Dimitris Soudias
Vol 7 (2017): Culture "Popular Culture" and the Academy Abstract   PDF
Igor Johannsen
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Projects of Improvement, Continuities of Neglect: Re-Fragmenting the Periphery in Southern Rural Jordan Abstract   PDF
Katharina Lenner
Vol 3 (2014): Cultural Heritage Provenience, Provenance and the UNESCO 1970 Convention: Two Schools of Thought on the Publication of Indeterminate Artifacts Abstract   PDF
Jody Tabitha Neal
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Provincializing and Localizing Core-Periphery Relations Abstract   PDF
Cilja Harders
Vol 2 (2014): Middle Class Public Education: A Route into Lebanon’s Middle Class in the 1960s and Early 1970s Abstract   PDF
Youssef Zbib
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Reconfiguring Periphery: Localizing Spatial Dependencies of Capitalism in West Asia and North Africa Abstract   PDF
Andrea Fischer-Tahir, Dimitris Soudias
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Reorientalizing the Middle East: The Power Agenda Setting Post-Arab Uprisings Abstract   PDF
Karim Malak, Sara Salem
Vol 7 (2017): Culture Review Title David M. Faris and Babak Rami (eds.): “Social Media in Iran. Politics and Society after 2009” Details   PDF
Ariane Sadjed
Vol 8 (2017): Iconography Scott Redford: A New Approach to the Permeability of Political Symbolism in Rum Seljuk Turkey Abstract   PDF
Philip Bockholt
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Shifting Epistemologies in Area Studies: From Space to Scale Abstract   PDF
Claudia Derichs
Vol 5 (2015): Periphery Spatialities of Hunger: Post-National Spaces, Assemblages and Fragmenting Liabilities Abstract   PDF
Jörg Gertel
Vol 6 (2016): The Rebel Steffen Wippel, Katrin Bromber, Christian Steiner & Birgit Krawietz: “Under Construction: Logics of Urbanism in the Gulf Region” Details   PDF
Andrea Fischer-Tahir
Vol 2 (2014): Middle Class Struggles of Distinction: Young Women Constructing Their Class Identity in Egypt’s Americanized Milieu Abstract   PDF
Sina Birkholz
Vol 7 (2017): Culture Stuart Hall: An Organic Intellectual Abstract   PDF
Johanna Fernández Castro
Vol 4 (2015): Area Studies Syrian Kurdish Political Activism: A Social Movement Theory Perspective Abstract   PDF
Wietse van den Berge
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