Bassem Chit and Revolutionary Socialism in Lebanon

  • Sune Haugbolle Roskilde University
Keywords: Socialism, Arab Left, Intellectual History


This article discusses the Lebanese activist and writer Bassem Chit as an example of the intellectual rebel in Lebanon and the Arab world. It analyses the ideological tradition of revolutionary socialism and the Arab left. Through an analysis of interviews and articles, Haugbolle attempts to locate the place and nature of intellectual production in the organisation of revolutionary activity, and the particular role rebel intellectuals play in bringing about social change. It draws on the sociology of intellectuals, in particular Gramsci, in the analysis of Bassem Chit's work and his post mortem veneration.

Author Biography

Sune Haugbolle, Roskilde University

An associate Professor in Global Studies, Sune Haugbolle is the author of War and Memory in Lebanon (2010), co-editor of The Politics of Violence, Truth and Reconciliation in the Arab Middle East (2009) and has published widely on political culture in the Middle East. He currently directs the research group Secular Ideology in the Middle East at Roskilde University, Denmark ( and is writing a modern history of Arab left movements and ideas.


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Haugbolle, S. “Bassem Chit and Revolutionary Socialism in Lebanon”. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Vol. 6, May 2016, pp. 65-74, doi:10.17192/meta.2016.6.4090.
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