(Re-)Enacting Stories of Trauma: Playback Theatre as a Tool of Cultural Resistance in Palestine

  • Anne Rohrbach Dr.phil
Keywords: Palestine, Palestinian Theater, Trauma, Cultural Resistance, Memory, Resilience


Playback Theatre opens up an artistic and interactive space for silenced voices and counter-narratives. It helps to address potentially traumatic experiences of (political) violence and oppression. The article discusses the resilient power of Playback Theatre in Palestine and gives insight into the strategies of an oppressed population to define their own sense of self through stories that acknowledge the variety and dignity of their lives.

Author Biography

Anne Rohrbach, Dr.phil

is a research assistant in the collaborative initiative Worlds of Contradiction (WoC) at the University of Bremen. She coordinates the project area Forms of Knowledge which examines the epistemological productiveness and effectiveness of contradiction in different historical and cultural situations. Her monograph Erinnerungskultur und kultureller Widerstand in den palästinensischen Gebieten. Jenin, ‘Cinema Jenin’ und das ‘Freedom Theatre’ was released in October 2017.

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Rohrbach, A. “(Re-)Enacting Stories of Trauma: Playback Theatre As a Tool of Cultural Resistance in Palestine”. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Vol. 11, Nov. 2018, pp. 79-88, doi:10.17192/meta.2018.11.7799.