Basma Abdelaziz - A Portrait

  • Sam Nader Independent
Keywords: Egypt, Torture, Human rights' activist, PTSD Trauma fiction, Basma Abdelaziz


I saw Basma Abdelaziz for the first time on March 15th, 2018. She was discussing her book Huna badan (Abdelaziz). Since that day, over a period of four months, I have read five of her books. I have also started following her Facebook page and reading her weekly newspaper column. Each one of her works added to my knowledge about a certain subject, made me think about an issue from a different point of view, or made me feel the pain of a certain group of people. I hope that by drawing this portrait of her, I may introduce her to new readers who may benefit from her writings as I did. Aside from this personal reason that may seem quite subjective, many objective reasons make me want to present her work in this portrait.

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Nader, S. “Basma Abdelaziz - A Portrait”. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Vol. 11, Nov. 2018, pp. 146-52, doi:10.17192/meta.2018.11.7826.
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