Trauma: Social Realities and Cultural Texts


  • Stephan Milich University of Cologne
  • Lamia Moghnieh



Trauma, Trauma Politics, PTSD, MENA, Power Structures, Interdisciplinary Research Field


This special issue aims to contribute to a deeper and critical understanding of trauma in the societies, cultures, and histories of the Middle East and North Africa. The collection of essays brings together perspectives from the social sciences, humanities and literary studies, not least by exploring the narrativization of suffering, its performative and its non-verbal expression both in social reality and cultural production. In presenting explorations of literary texts, theatre, social realities and theoretical reflection, we hope to contribute to a more comprehensive, nuanced and inclusive view on trauma and memory production both as a cultural and social materiality and as a political formation. The diverse array of different approaches, topics, and disciplines expresses our concern to include and map the diversity and multiplicity of current trauma studies research related to the MENA.


Stephan Milich, University of Cologne

is a lecturer of Arabic Literature at the University of Cologne. His research interests include contemporary Arabic poetry and prose, representations and concepts of exile and trauma, and perceptions and self-perceptions of psychology/psychotherapy in the Arab countries. He has published a book on Mahmoud Darwish’s late poetry and on the poetics and politics of Palestinian and Iraqi exile poetry. He co-edited a volume on modern Iraqi culture (Conflicting Narratives: War, trauma and memory in Modern Iraqi Culture), and a second volume on “Representations and Visions of Homeland in Arabic Literature.” Besides his research on notions of trauma in contemporary Arabic literature with a special interest in trauma politics, he translates Arabic poetry into German.

Lamia Moghnieh

is a EUME fellow and currently part-time faculty at the Department of Sociology, Anthropology & Media Studies (SOAN) at the American University of Beirut. Her dissertation research looks at trauma politics in Lebanon from the Lebanon civil war to the Syrian refugee crisis. Her current research explores the history of psychiatry in Lebanon through the records of Lebanon Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders.





Milich, S., und L. Moghnieh. „Trauma: Social Realities and Cultural Texts“. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Bd. 11, November 2018, S. 5-15, doi:10.17192/meta.2018.11.7941.