ʿAmr Munīr: Miṣr fī al-āsāṭīr al-ʿarabiiyah

  • Ahmed Mohamed Sheir CNMS Marburg
Keywords: Egypt, Myth, al-āsāṭīr, Review

Author Biography

Ahmed Mohamed Sheir, CNMS Marburg

Ahmed Sheir is a PhD Candidate, holder of Yousef Jameel Scholarship, at CNMS, Philipps- Universität Marburg; writes on the impact of Prester John Legend on Medieval West-East relations (12th-15th centuries). He also works as a Lecturer Assistant at Damanhour University. He graduated in 2008 from Alexandria University and obtained his MA. degree in 2014 by a joint-supervision between Damanhour University and Göttingen University. He is a co-editor of Studies in Peace-building History between East and West, ASRT-Egypt and CNR-Italy, Egypt, 2019 and author of Tibnin (Toron) in the Ages of the Crusades, Germany, 2015.

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Sheir, A. M. “ʿAmr Munīr: Miṣr Fī Al-āsāṭīr Al-ʿarabiiyah”. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Vol. 13, Dec. 2019, pp. 103-7, doi:10.17192/meta.2019.13.8104.