The Minoritized Yazidi Body as a Signifier

  • Shereen Abouelnaga Cairo University, English Department, Faculty of Arts
Keywords: sex slaves, identity politics, Yazidi women, testimonies, minoritized body, voice


This paper reads the testimonies of Yazidi women who survived their slavery at the hands of ISIS (DAESH) to understand how this ‘minoritized’ body, a term coined by Arjun Appadurai, has become a worldwide signifier. Due to the circulation of images and technologies, the testimonies of those women who survived have become the only means that allows visibility; yet, the visibility of the violated minoritized body is a fact that still signifies power and instills worldwide horror. The paper attempts to  understand how the minoritized individual body has become a body politic, onto which power relations are played out and where several discourses intersect.

Author Biography

Shereen Abouelnaga, Cairo University, English Department, Faculty of Arts

Shereen Abouelnaga
is a Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Cairo University and is a feminist literary critic. She has published books (Arabic & English) and several critical literary articles in scholarly journals, with a focus on gender.

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Abouelnaga, S. “The Minoritized Yazidi Body As a Signifier”. Middle East - Topics & Arguments, Vol. 14, July 2020, pp. 15-25, doi:10.17192/meta.2020.14.8257.